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About Us

HDB Licensed Renovation Contractor: HB- 08-4307E


A vision conceived by an aspiring individual with more than 30 years of experience in the Interior design business, DNET Interior is an interior design consultancy and project management that specialises in creating interior spaces that are extensions of its' occupants' characters and personalities. 


By leveraging on our team's network of contacts and vast experience, clients can enjoy a suite of services that cater to all aspect of interior design (for both residential and commercial units) from start to finish - from demolition works, interior design services and build services - at a market competitive pricing. Regardless of the type, the size or the purpose of the property, clients can be assured of quality and professional service and magazine-worthy creations. 

DNET Interior is also awarded various credentials that further increase its credibility in the marketplace thus making us the top consumer choice for clients looking for contemporary and functional home designs at an affordable price. 

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